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The team


Physiotherapist, MSc Manual Therapist, Oral Physiotherapist, Postural Therapist, Dry Needling, Ultrasound Technician, Craniofacial Therapist (CRAFTA®), Occupational Therapist.

Robert Kuizenga graduated from the Thim van der Laan Academy in 2007 as a general physiotherapist. Subsequently, he obtained his master's degree in manual therapy at the SOMT. Subsequently, Robert completed the master after master manual therapy at the Free University of Brussels. In addition, Robert is skilled in dry needling, ultrasound and occupational physiotherapy. Recently Robert obtained his certificate as a Craniofacial Therapist (CRAFTA®).

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Physiotherapist, manual techniques, jawphysiotherapist, orofacial specialist and Osteopath In education


Hello, I am Ole Verdoes, a dedicated general physiotherapist who graduated in 2021 from Hogeschool in Leiden. Driven by my passion for continuous professional growth, I started a course in osteopathy at the Sutherland College in Amsterdam in 2022. This study has significantly enriched my expertise as a physiotherapist.

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Physiotherapist, manual therapist, oral physiotherapist, orofacial specialist and dry needling.


My name is Cas van Veldhuizen. I was born in La Paz Bolivia and raised in the Netherlands. The reason I became a physiotherapist is that I want to get people to exercise healthily through analysis and coaching.

I graduated from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in 2018 and immediately started working in Amsterdam. Here I have worked a lot with dancers, models, expats and musical artists.  

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Holistic doctor promoted on intestinal problems and sexologist


Sophie Wessel is a holistic doctor with a doctorate on intestinal problems. In her practice she combines regular medicine with orthomolecular medicine, intestinal therapy and lifestyle. In 2020 she completed the Sexology training and she applies the acquired knowledge and insights in her practice. 

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Physiotherapist, jaw specialist, orofacial specialist, craniofacial therapist & osteopath.


Arjan has stopped as a physiotherapist and now works in the same holistic medical center as an osteopath in practice Amsterdam Osteo Osteopathy. The strength of osteopathy lies in its holistic approach, treating multiple systems. With a longer treatment time of up to 45 minutes, it is possible to effectively tackle the cause of the complaint. Wondering if osteopathy is something for you? Click here to go to the website Amsterdam Osteo for more information or to make an osteopathy appointment.


Daan Bredewout

physiotherapist and manual therapist CRAFTA

Robert is attentive, caring, but above all a professional. As a colleague specialist I can recommend him to everyone.


Ricky van Odekerken
Speech therapist at Speech Therapy Oud West

Robert knows his trade well! He is very professional and always puts his client first. This is apparent from personal attention and care. Great professional to work with!

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