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About Daniël


Daniël van der Tol

Physiotherapist, Manual Therapist Msc. and jaw specialist


The human body has always interested me. The passion for exercise and sports started in my teens when I came into contact with strength training. Deepening in training theory also created a huge interest in the human body. The step was quick to start with physiotherapy, despite a short trip to business administration. 


Therapy should be focused on the wishes of the patient. Finding the right balance together and applying recent scientific developments is therefore an important part of the entire treatment. What is very important is that this can also be done with a necessary dose of humor. Therapy is hard work, but it must also be possible to laugh. In addition, it is also important that attention is paid to the whole as a person in the broadest sense. 


An affinity with head, neck, jaw and shoulder complaints comes from further deepening during study and free time.


Daniël van der Tol graduated from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in 2019 as a physiotherapist. After this he immediately continued with the Master's degree in Manual Therapy at the SOMT in Amersfoort. He successfully completed this in 2022.

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Training and courses
Master manual therapy (SOMT university Amersfoort)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Daniël van der Tol is a BIG-registered healthcare provider: 39925749704

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