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About Cas


Cas van Veldhuizen

Physiotherapist, manual therapist, jawphysiotherapist, orofacial specialist, Ultrasound MSK, and dry needling.


My name is Cas van Veldhuizen. I was born in La Paz Bolivia and grew up in the Netherlands. The reason I became a physiotherapist is that I want people to exercise healthy through analysis and coaching.


I graduated from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in 2018 and immediately started working in Amsterdam. Here I have worked a lot with dancers, models, expats and musical artists.  

In August 2022 I obtained my Masters degree in Manual Therapy at SOMT. 

Through this Master I immerse myself in the manual mobilization of all joints, with a special focus on the spine. I am also trained with the latest scientific insights in physiotherapy and manual therapy. Since 2020, Dry Needling has also been part of my treatment methods. In addition, in recent years I have gained a lot of experience in treating complaints in the jaw region (orofacial).

With my knowledge and skills, your wishes and the latest scientific insights, I can draw up your own treatment plan together with you. Everyone is different, where better results are achieved with a tailor-made treatment plan.


“Exercise is allowed, enough exercise is indispensable.”


I live with my girlfriend in the center of Amsterdam. I like to exercise such as (indoor) hockey, running with the dog, cycling and fitness. In my spare time I can often be found in nature or in a cafe where sports are watched with friends. I am also a professional idiot and I like to read professional literature.


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Training and courses
Master manual therapy (SOMT university Amersfoort)

Dry Needling Spine, Extremities and Jaw Region (Domburg)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Physiotherapy in Sports

Master Dizziness Course (Physiotutors)

Ultrasound MSK

Cas van Veldhuizenis BIG-registered healthcare provider: 69924308804

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