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Voice / Vocal Care

Voice / Vocal Care


In addition to being a manual therapist, Robert Kuizenga is also a classical professional singer. As an experience expert in the professional singing world, he knows exactly what you can run into as a singer. He is therefore the ideal healthcare provider to help you with your voice complaints and/or singing-related complaints.


As a specialized manual therapist, Robert treats many singers who are referred to him by singing teachers, ENT doctors or speech therapists. Using an extensive biopsychosocial anamnesis, I map out which factors have played a role in the development and maintenance of the complaints. Also essential are the physical examination where I can experience what they encounter. I do not only examine the vocal region but the whole body. Special attention is needed for posture, breathing, (muscular) compensations during singing and functional disorders of all, but especially adjacent, joints (neck region, jaw, neck, ribs and spine). After all, you sing with your whole body. The treatment mainly consists of mobilizing the regions that are less mobile (including laryngeal manual therapy) and exercises aimed at stability and mobility.


In my practice I work closely with an ENT doctor, vocal pedagogue, speech therapist, breathing coach, psychologist, osteopath, posture therapist, acupuncturist and holistic doctor. Depending on the singer's complaints, I recommend this to one or more of my colleagues, often acting as a case manager.


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