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Manual therapy

What is Manual Therapy?


This therapy is a form of physiotherapy to improve the mobility of your joints. A manual therapist often uses specific techniques, such as mobilizations and manipulations, to increase the mobility of body parts and your joints. The manipulation is also popularly referred to as “cracking”.


The goal of manual therapy is to ensure that you can move more easily and therefore function better in daily life. You can move better after a manipulation and you often have less pain when moving. In addition to the specific techniques, the manual therapist's treatment program also consists of giving good instructions, advice, guidance and insight into healthy exercise. 


Which complaints are treated with manual therapy?


The Mind Your Motion team is perfectly capable of assessing the cause of your complaints. Examples of complaints that can be treated by our manual therapist are:


  • headache and neck pain


  • neck and shoulder complaints with radiation to the arms


  • low back complaints, with or without radiating to the legs


  • high back pain, whether or not in combination with rib and chest pain


  • dizziness when moving the neck


  • jaw complaints, whether or not in combination with neck complaints


  • Ankle, knee and hip complaints


During the first consultation we discuss with you which complaints you have. The therapist will then formulate a hypothesis for the possible cause. 

To test the hypothesis, a physical examination follows, which consists of a function and pain examination of the complaint area. 


Based on the research, we draw up a treatment plan together, giving an indication of the number of treatments and the expected duration of the process.


What types of manual therapy are there?


Manual therapy is one of the oldest and most common forms of therapy in many cultures worldwide. Within Ayurvedic and Chinese culture, among others, techniques are used that are also used in manual therapy. Viewed through this lens, there are so many different forms of manual therapy. 


Within Western medicine, manual therapy is a discipline within physiotherapy, with a scientific basis. 


Is manual therapy reimbursed by health insurers?


Manual therapy is only reimbursed if you are additionally insured for physiotherapy. Mind Your Motion has concluded contracts with all health insurers for 2024. A referral from a doctor or specialist is not necessary. 

If you do not have additional insurance for physiotherapy, you can pay privately. Current prices for manual therapy treatments can be found on our price list.


Make an appointment for an intake

We offer the manual therapy specialization in our physiotherapy practice in Amsterdam Oud West, near the Vondelpark. We always strive to help clients get rid of complaints as quickly and sustainably as possible. Part of this is that we share knowledge about what clients can do themselves to ensure that the complaints do not recur. Make here an appointment for a manual therapy consultation at Mind Your Motion.

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