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Make an appointment


Make an appointment



There are several options to make an appointment. Preferably schedule online.

1. Book an appointment online yourself (read carefully). 


Schedule first appointment

  • We prefer to take 40 minutes up to maximum 50 minutes (intake and treatment = 2 single sessions) for a new client or a new complaint*. When choosing the focus area, choose the complaint/therapy that applies to you. You can plan online for a first appointment via this link.

  • You are already known to Mind Your Motion and you have a new complaint. Then a single session of 20 minutes up to a maximum 25 minutes is often sufficient. When choosing the focus area, select “1. IK BEN EERDER GEWEEST”. Click here to schedule a single appointment.


Schedule an urgent appointment

In the case of URGENT (eg an acute jaw complaint iod), a single session is also sufficient. When choosing the focus area, select “1. SPOED"; Click here to schedule an URGENT appointment.


Schedule a follow-up appointment

You can also schedule 1 or 2 follow-up appointments, a maximum of 1 appointment per week. Then click on this link (not logged in) and select “1. VERVOLGAFSPRAAK”.


Cancel or change an appointment

Up to 24 hours before your appointment it is possible to cancel or change your appointment online via your mijnzorgtoegang-account. Is this not possible or not within 24 hours? Let us know by sending a reply to the confirmation email and if necessary plan a new appointment yourself. Does this not work? Then click on this link(not logged in) and select “1. Vervolgafspraak”.


NB: Forgot when you scheduled something online? You have received an email confirmation from mijnzorg Search for that sender in your mailbox.


2. Call 085-2007990

3. Send a Whats app message to 0852007990.

4. Send an email to

5. Fill in the contact form at the bottom of the website

DUO treatments

At Mind Your Motion we also use duo treatments. This means that you will be seen by two different therapists for the same complaint(s). After all, 4 eyes see more than 2. In addition, this can also come in handy if the availability of the therapist you want leaves something to be desired, you can start with the other and still be seen by your desired therapist at a later time.

* Intake & treatment: If you get your treatments reimbursed by your additional package for physiotherapy the insurance company will count this as 2 treatments.

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