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About Robert


drs. Robert Kuizenga

Physiotherapist, Manual Therapist MSc, Oral Physiotherapist, Posture Therapist, Dry Needling, Sonographer, Craniofacial Therapist (CRAFTA®), Occupational Therapist.

Robert Kuizenga graduated from the Thim van der Laan Academy in 2007 as a general physiotherapist. Subsequently, he obtained his master's degree in manual therapy at SOMT. Subsequently, Robert completed the master after master manual therapy at the Free University of Brussels. In addition, he has specialized in dry needling, ultrasound and occupational physiotherapy. Robert recently obtained his certificate as Craniofacial Therapist (CRAFTA®). Cranio Facial Therapy Academy is a highly specialized training in manual therapy for the treatment of pain and disorders in the head, neck, jaw and neck area (TMD/Temporo mandibular dysfunctions). Robert is also a teacher of the competence learning line for SOMT University. He supervises internships and mini-clinics for this manual therapy course.

Robert is also a professional classical singer (, partly because of this, he has developed, among other things, in the field of posture, complaints in the neck, head, jaw, neck area and voice complaints. 

Robert also works as an osteopath in practice in the same holistic medical center Amsterdam Osteo Osteopathy. The strength of osteopathy lies in its holistic approach, treating multiple systems. With a longer treatment time of up to 45 minutes, it is possible to effectively tackle the cause of the complaint. Wondering if osteopathy is something for you? Click here to go to the website Amsterdam Osteo for more information or to make an osteopathy appointment.


NB: For the time being you can book an appointment with Robert more quickly in the position of osteopath than in the position of jaw physiotherapist/manual therapist.

Are you drawn to Robert's story? Schedule an appointment with him here as a physio-manual therapist specialized in head, jaw, neck, and throat complaints.


Training and courses

Master after Master of Science Manual therapy, Vrije University, Brussels

Master manual therapy, SOMT University, Amersfoort


Occupational physiotherapy, Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Education Physiotherapy, Thim van der Laan, Nieuwegein

Post HBO
Oro-myofunctional therapy OMFT (Myoresearch)

More than laryngeal manipulation (Einders)

Cranio mandibular dysfunctions: dissection, diagnosis, treatment (VU Brussels)

Management of Craniofacial Dysfunctions and Pain (CRAFTA®)

Cranio cervical dysfunctions, (CRAFTA®)

Shoulder rehabilitation part 2 (A. Cools)

Cervico-ocular Dysfunctions and Balance (CRAFTA®)

Headaches in Children (CRAFTA®)

Craniomandibular, Craniofacial Dysfunctions and the Cranial Nervous System (CRAFTA®)

Dry Needling high cervical region (G. de Lint)

Dry Needling DNS head / neck region (M. van Rumpt) 

Clinical neurodynamics (M.Shacklock)

Dry Needling DNS ( Moor)

Sonographer MSU (M. Schmitz)

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome (R. Schuitemaker)

Mulligan ABC (R. Claassen)

Medical taping (R.Claassen)

Back to Golf (R.Claassen)

Training Balance Therapy Dunnewolt (S.Dunnewolt)​

Basic Life Support (EMS)

Lymphatic-, Visceral- and Vagus Mojo (Dr. P. Nickelston)

Post Concussion Rehabilitation (Z-Health)

Breathing Gym, Vision Gym, Balance Gym & Strength Gym (Z-Health)

Robert Kuizenga is a BIG registered healthcare provider: 29066645004


Daan Bredewout

physiotherapist and manual therapist CRAFTA

Robert is attentive, caring, but above all a professional. As a colleague specialist I can recommend him to everyone.


Ricky van Odekerken

Speech therapist at Speech Therapy Old West

Robert knows his trade well! He is very professional and always puts his client first. This is apparent from personal attention and care. Great professional to work with!

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