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Manual therapy at Mind Your Motion


Within physiotherapy Mind Your Motion offers the specialization manual therapy. The goal of manual therapy is to ensure that you can move more easily and therefore function better in daily life. To achieve this, the manual therapist often uses specific techniques such as mobilizations and manipulations to improve the mobility of your joints. Manipulation is also popularly referred to as “cracking”.

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Jaw physiotherapy, orofacial physiotherapy, Temporomandibulardisorders(TMD) and Craniofacial therapy (CRAFTA) Amsterdam

Mind Your Motion has a special interest in neck, jaw, headache, neck and voice complaints

Nowadays, complaints in this region of the body are more common. These complaints are often due to specific situations and attitudes and these are usually easy to treat. However, a large part of these complaints are also diagnosed as non-specific complaints (without a clear cause).

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Physiotherapy for Pelvic Complaints at Mind Your Motion


Pelvic complaints are common, including issues such as pelvic instability, post-pregnancy discomfort, pain around the tailbone and pubic bone, and radiating pain in the buttock or leg. In some cases, pelvic dysfunctions contribute to lower back pain and even neck and jaw pain.

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Dry needling Mind Your Motion physiotherapy and manual therapy Amsterdam 


Dry Needling is a treatment method that is applied from physiotherapy to quickly and effectively remedy pain complaints from a muscle (myofascial trigger points).


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Voice / Vocal Care


In addition to being a manual therapist, Robert Kuizenga is also a classical professional singer. As an experience expert in the professional singing world, he knows exactly what you can run into as a singer. He is therefore the ideal healthcare provider to help you with your voice complaints and/or singing-related complaints.


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