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Pelvic Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for Pelvic Complaints at Mind Your Motion


Pelvic complaints are common, including issues such as pelvic instability, post-pregnancy discomfort, pain around the tailbone and pubic bone, and radiating pain in the buttock or leg. In some cases, pelvic dysfunctions contribute to lower back pain and even neck and jaw pain.

The pelvis serves as the foundation for the spine, comprising three bones: the sacrum and the two hip bones. The sacroiliac joints connect these bones at the back, often being a source of pain. Excessive softening in some women can lead to a too flexible and mobile pelvis.

Shifts between different pelvic parts can cause significant stress on the surrounding ligaments and muscles, which may become overstrained or damaged, especially when subjected to significant forces such as during childbirth, sports, or after trauma.

Even without specific triggers, pelvic and back complaints can arise. Our approach focuses on identifying causes to remedy or improve them, involving the entire body in examination and treatment.

Our physiotherapist examines and treats the spine, pelvic joints, and their related soft tissues, aiming to restore the balance of these structures, promote mobility, and thus reduce complaints.


The Relationship Between Pelvic and Jaw Complaints

From our perspective, there's a close link between pelvic and jaw complaints due to the body's interconnectivity, where disturbances in one area can affect another. Below are a few ways the pelvis and jaw are connected:

  1. Nervous System and Fascial Connections: The nervous system and fascial structures form an extensive network. Dysfunctions in the pelvis can influence the membranes surrounding the spinal cord, causing nerve irritations. We work on restoring balance and mobility in the pelvis, indirectly reducing tension on nerves and fascia, thus alleviating jaw complaints.

  2. Stress and Tension: Our therapists recognize that stress and tension can manifest throughout the body, leading to physical tension in various areas, including the pelvis and jaw. We can reduce tissue tension around the pelvis, which in turn can decrease overall body stress and thus tension around the jaw.

  3. Postural and Biomechanical Connections: Disturbances in the biomechanics or posture of the pelvis can have a domino effect on other body parts, including the jaw. We work on restoring balance and biomechanics in the pelvis, reducing jaw complaints arising from compensatory movements.

  4. Craniosacral System (Brain and Spinal Cord): The craniosacral system includes the brain, spinal cord, and cerebrospinal fluid. Disturbances in this system can manifest throughout the body, including the pelvis and jaw. A physiotherapist trained in cranial examination can evaluate and treat the craniosacral rhythmic movement to relieve any blockages or tensions in the system, which can indirectly affect both the pelvis and jaw.

Book an Appointment for Initial Treatment

We offer specialized pelvic physiotherapy at our Mind Your Motion physiotherapy practice in Amsterdam Oud-West, near Vondelpark. Our goal is always to provide clients with rapid and lasting relief from complaints. Part of this is sharing knowledge about what clients can do to prevent the recurrence of complaints. Book here an appointment for a pelvic physiotherapy consultation at Mind Your Motion.

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