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Dizziness is a collective term for various forms of complaints. For example, dizziness can occur as a symptom of conditions such as migraine, cardiovascular disease, low blood pressure, hyperventilation, medication or the flu. There are also various conditions that can be treated well by the physiotherapist. Of these, BPPD (benigne paroxysmal position vertigo) is perhaps the best known. However, complaints caused by, for example, vestibular neuritis, Ménière's disease or trauma can also be treated by the physiotherapist.


At Mind Your Motion it is Cas van Veldhuizen specialist who treated you. You can contact him for, among other things, the following complaints:



- Meniere's disease

- Vestibular Neuritis

- Vestibular migraine

- Cervicogenic vertigo

- Post-traumatic vertigo

Book an appointment with Cas here.

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