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About Ole

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Ole Verdoes

Physiotherapist, manual techniques, experience in Jaw-related problems, Osteopath In education


Hello, I am Ole Verdoes, a dedicated general physiotherapist who graduated in 2021 from Hogeschool in Leiden. Driven by my passion for continuous professional growth, I started a course in osteopathy at the Sutherland College in Amsterdam in 2022. This study has significantly enriched my expertise as a physiotherapist.

As a physiotherapist, I approach healthcare holistically, always aiming for a deep understanding of the unique needs of each patient. My approach in osteopathy further emphasizes this by considering the entire body. I strongly believe that identifying the underlying cause of physical complaints is crucial for effective treatment and recovery. Together with you, I explore the origin of your complaints and work on a strategy to rebalance your body and stimulate its self-healing abilities.

My approach is characterized by a calm, patient personality and a broad perspective on body and health. This enables me to develop a personalized and effective treatment plan with you that truly delivers results.

I am proud to be part of a passionate, multidisciplinary team. This dynamic environment is the perfect place for me to continue growing both professionally and personally in this fascinating field. I look forward to working with you and striving together for your optimal health and well-being.


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Education and Courses

Bachelor's Degree (HBO)

Physiotherapy, Hogeschool Leiden

Minor in 3D Spinal Anatomy, Hogeschool Leiden

Postgraduate (Post-HBO)

Osteopathy, College Sutherland Amsterdam

Manual Techniques for Spine and Extremities, College Sutherland Amsterdam

Orthopedic Physiotherapy of the Spine, Physiotutors

Jaw Specialization, Internal Training at MYM Amsterdam

Ole Verdoes is BIG-registered healthcare provider: 79930035704

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