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Rate list Mind your Motion 2024


Mind your Motion jaw physiotherapy and manual therapy Amsterdam is affiliated with all health insurers in the Netherlands. Treatments are reimbursed if you have additional insurance. A referral from a doctor or specialist is not required.


  • Manual therapy session. €63 (max. 25min)

  • Screening, intake and research. €69- (max. 25min)

  • Intake and examination after referral. € 69- (max. 25 min)

  • Screening, intake, examination and treatment manual therapy. €132- (max. 50min)

  • Intake and examination after referral and manual therapy treatment. €132- (max. 50min)

  • Screening, intake, examination and treatment physiotherapy. €120- (max. 50min)

  • Intake and examination after referral and treatment of physiotherapy. €120- (max. 50min)

  • Session physiotherapy. € 51- (max. 25 min)

  • Ultrasound: short intake, ultrasound & advises. €132- (max. 50 min)

  • Medical reporting. €97-

  • Myosa Appliance (S1, S2,& TMJ) €99,82-

  • Missed appointment in accordance with the above rates


*The rates are adjusted annually, the rates may also change in 2025.

The above rates will be charged in 2024 to patients who are not insured for physiotherapy or who have already completed their additional physiotherapy package. Insurers are charged rates that we have agreed with the relevant insurer in a contract.


 Payment Terms

  • Payment for physiotherapy treatments must be made within 14   days after the invoice date. A reminder will be sent after this period has expired. If payment has not been made after this period, a reminder will be sent after 14 days. If this reminder is not paid on time, collection measures will be taken. All collection costs are the responsibility of the patient. 

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