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About Zofia

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Zofia Sagnowska (ENG)

Physiotherapist, manual and exercise therapy, experience in jaw complains. Psychology student.


Hi! My name is Zofia Sagnowska. As a physiotherapist and passionate psychology student, I am committed to understanding how the human mind and body work together. I believe that this integrated understanding allows me to provide a more holistic treatment. I genuinely enjoy working with people and recognizing the individuality of each person. Together, we'll set goals, create a personalized plan, and adjust it as needed along your journey to better well-being.


I come from Poland and I moved to the Netherlands for my education. In 2021, I graduated with a degree in physiotherapy from Hanze Hoogeschool in Groningen, with a minor in Sports physiotherapy. During my academic journey, I completed diverse internships to enhance my expertise. In Amsterdam, I focused on patients with shoulder complaints. In Poland, I gained invaluable experience at a general rehabilitation clinic and worked as a physiotherapist with professional dancers and orchestra members. Currently, I am in my second year of Bachelor's studies in psychology at the University of Amsterdam, further deepening my understanding of the human mind.


On a personal note, I am passionate about dance and sports. I pursued my love for dance by completing fourteen years of training at a ballet school in Poland and performing at the Krakow Opera. Outside of my professional life, I find joy in traveling, exploring new places and going on hiking trips. Additionally, I appreciate the simple pleasure of watching a good show in my downtime.

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Education and Courses

Bachelor's Degree (HBO)

Physiotherapy, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Postgraduate (Post-HBO)

Jaw Specialization, Internal Training at MYM Amsterdam

Currently enrolled

Psychology UVA

Zofia Sagnowska is BIG-registered healthcare provider: 

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